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YASS! Performer Spotlight; ModPods

We're super excited to have ModPods bring their quirky, dance punk sound to our November YASS! residency at The Redwood Bar. They've been percolating in and around the LA area for awhile now. ModPods are finally garnering some attention through hustle, diligence and a penchant for great live performances. They have a truly unique sound, with influences ranging from Le Tigre, Peaches, The Gossip and ESG, that set them apart from the rest of the L.A. pack. With uber talented multi instrumentalists Daniel Guzman and Mindee Jorgensen in tow, lead singer and writer Myriad Slits weaves her poetic bric a brac and her powerful voice in and around their dance-y punk gems. Check them out on BandCamp, give them some love and see them LIVE when you get a chance. Catch them this week at YASS!Night @The Redwood on November 8th!!

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