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YASS!Night 4 is gonna be HOT!

HEY, friends!! MiddleGround Gallery & Entertainment is SUPER excited for our 4th and HOTTEST installment of our November YASS!Night at The Redwood, and our last of the year.

We've hand picked 3 of THEE finest performers out there right now and they are bringing their multicultural fire to our favorite DTLA establishment. Modern flamenco virtuoso David Holguin is going to grace us with an intimate performance that will weave through dynamic highs and lows and leave you breathless. All with only six nylon strings.

Speaking of 'dynamic', Lillyflor y Los Compas and their lead vocalist Lilly Flor Del Valle are a truly powerful ensemble, with LillyFlor's commanding voice leading the charge. Their energetic, hybrid mix of son jarocho, quebradita and cumbia folk songs are sure to get the bodies moving and enraptured in the message or story.

Our local favorites and regional Cumbia Kings, Betty's Mustache, are a rare breed of LIVE band who always bring you their classic cumbia grooves with a high voltage charge that will leave booties sweating and writhing. Shoot, they might even throw in a Sisqo or Gorilllaz cover if you're nasty.

So, PLEASE RSVP ( Click GOING )on our Facebook page to show your support for these amazing musicians and SAVE THE DATE ( Nov 15 ) and make Wednesday's the New Saturdays.

Check out our performers on FB and get to know them better.

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